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About GiantBig | 关于我们

GiantBig aims to become a trusted leader in the field of comprehensive men and women health care and wellness, while continuing to preserve the unique foundation of male health care. GiantBig is headquartered in Malaysia and has one of the largest male healthcare companies outside of China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and other countries. Its brand is well-known in Asia. Today, we provide products and services through e-commerce and integrate male and female health care into mainstream maintenance and modern lifestyles.


GiantBig健康保健品网上购物平台,旨在成为综合男女保健及养生领域里值得信任的领先企业,同时继续将特有的男女性保健根底保存下来。GiantBig总部驻于马来西亚,在中国大陆,台湾,泰国,越南,印尼及其他国家等等以外等等,也有具规模的男性保健企业之一。其品牌在亚洲家喻户晓。 如今,我们通过电子商务提供产品和服务,把男女保健融入主流的保养养生及现代生活模式中。